Spotlight Cameras Vs Dark Light Security Cameras

As we all realized, technology never stops!! The security industry is not an exception either.

The new trend of the day and night security cameras brought a hot debate and different viewpoints among industry experts!

Which night vision works better, is more efficient, and is less annoying?

To be honest, all of these technologies have their pros and cons. In this case, please spend some time on this article to know better and find out the best solution for your current project.


What is the Spotlight Camera?

Spotlight cameras are a recently added category to the security industry. This technology allows security cameras to capture full-color images 24/7. Sounds interesting ha!! Let’s go through the details. Spotlight cameras are equipped with actual lights like your phone’s flashlight. These visible lights turn on automatically when the environment light level shrinks to a certain level which calls Min Illumination or Min Lux.

Through this technology, security cameras do not need to have IR-cut and they will not switch to B/W mode. Therefore, spotlight security cameras can provide full-color frames with more detailed scenes at night. Faces and plates are drastically more recognizable without any doubt, and you will not see your beloved like ghosts and you can easily differentiate strangers!!! Since everything in this world has to have a downside, this technology is not spotless either! If you like your dog getting a well-shut eye in your garden at night, these obvious lights might be a little bit intrusive!!! Or if your bedroom window is just right across from your outdoor surveillance camera, you may need to shop for a sleep mask as well!! 

In conclusion, if you have no concerns with visible lights at your place, you are on the right track to buying a full-color spotlight security camera system.


Dark Light IR Security Cameras - The Next Level of the Starlight Series

If you need a color security camera at night without any visible light, you may like to check this category too. There are numerous names for this technology as Dark Light, Dark hunter, Dark fighter, Smart IR, and Starlight. These are pretty much similar technologies with slightly different features, like different minimum lux and different image processors.

The downside with these security cameras may come over as there is not enough light! Not even moonlight. Some have IR which again is going to be like old-fashioned systems with B/W pictures and others with no IR may capture videos with lesser details and more noisy dots. So, it seems we need some light source in place to have color pictures, a street light, moon, or neighbor lights

Long story short for confused homeowners who want to pick from these technologies for their security camera for home! Make sure which one works better for your case. Do not worry about reviews, Youtube videos, or any other commercial ads. If you do not mind visible lights, Spotlight cameras are an enhancement for night vision and definitely work better for residential projects.

If you want to keep the light down, you can go for either IR security cameras or Dark lights. If you want color frames even in low lux and do not want any obvious spotlight, then your only option is Dark light security cameras.

Thank you and stay tuned.


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