Buying security cameras Calgary and security cameras Edmonton - Top things you need to know

Buying security cameras in Calgary and Edmonton has been trending and with good reason. Calgary and Edmonton are great cities with plenty to offer and an economy doing well. There are plenty of jobs, a stable housing market, and you're considered lucky to live in such a prosperous location. Therefore, it is no surprise to learn that residents of Calgary and Edmonton have now seen a high level of crime that puts them at risk for burglaries and other home crimes and vandalism. The need to protect self, family, belongings, home, and business against these invaders has continued to increase. So is the need for security cameras in Calgary and security cameras in Edmonton.

Security camera systems have become an essential part of our everyday life because of the crime rate. Surveillance camera systems can successfully detect criminals and reduce the possibility of a burglary happening. Buying a home security camera system or business security camera system for your property in Calgary and Edmonton is a significant investment with many advantages that yield a return. The most considerable returns are safety, security, and peace of mind they will provide.

Some people may believe that buying a security camera system for homes and business is not essential because they live in a safer area and have never been robbed before. It is important to know that some break-ins are crimes of opportunity, which can happen anytime with grievous consequences.

Statistics have shown that a more significant percentage of convicted burglars and vandals stated that they would not target homes and businesses with a security cameras system and security system. Therefore, a home security camera system is a vital tool in identifying crooks before or after they have broken in or vandalized a property because they can be identified by viewing the recordings.



Security Systems in Calgary and Security Cameras in Edmonton - Top benefits of having cameras installed in your home or business

#1. Buying security camera systems, surveillance camera systems, and CCTV cameras helps keep watch over your home and business from both inside and outside. It is like acting as an extra pair of eyes and ears to monitor your property. You want to relax and be comfortable in your house without the fear of someone breaking in. You definitely want to avoid vandalizing your home, business, vehicles, and other priced assets.

#2. In today's world, hate crime is increasing and vandalism of homes and businesses with graffiti. More people are looking for ways to keep their property safe. Monitoring security cameras via video feed can help, know that the security system alerts them right away if something happens. The security camera systems and surveillance camera systems serve as a deterrent to criminals and vandals, so complete home security cameras in Calgary and Edmonton are your best defense. The criminals and vandals see the security cameras and quickly move away from your house or business to a less secure target.

#3. Having peace of mind is one of the main benefits of having home security cameras or commercial security cameras in Edmonton and Calgary. You can check in on your property from wherever you are. You can also see a live feed of your home on a smartphone, tablet, or computer and get alerts of unusual activity from your security system and smart home system.

#4. Home security cameras in Calgary and Edmonton help secure our property using intelligent analytics, motion detection, and smart night vision technology against rogues or vandals. Security camera systems with intelligent features are more efficient than other models and have higher security! They are also beneficial to give you peace of mind that your children and belongings are safe when you are away from the home and business. A security camera system and surveillance system with intrusion detection by your front door can notify you that a person is entering your home. It will assure you that your children who are home are safe.

#5. The impact of any crime spree, whether it is a break-in or vandalism, can be very costly. In the spring of 2020, three male suspects believed to be in their teens were suspected in six different cases of vandalism to private property and businesses in Calgary. The accumulating damages were more than $5,000. The cost of repairs, no matter how small, will be higher than the cost of having home security camera systems or business security camera systems installed.

#6. Statistics have shown that homes and properties without security systems, alarm systems, and security camera systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into because these criminals know that they may not be identified and caught. Once they get away with the crime, they will get so bold and can go back to the property repeatedly. It, therefore, makes a lot of sense to have professional security cameras in Calgary and reliable surveillance cameras in Edmonton that will significantly reduce the risk of home and business break-ins and thefts.

#7. You can reduce your insurance rates in Calgary and Edmonton by making your property more secure. It will depend on a lot of factors by each insurance company, and such factors may include the type of security camera system and surveillance system installed in that home. Security system insurance discounts may vary with the amount and quality of your security systems. The deal ranges would be from 5% to 20%. However, they are designed to ensure home security and business security and provide peace of mind. That is why there is a huge need for security camera systems in Calgary and Edmonton, not just for an insurance discount.

#8. If you are a property owner, especially a business owner, setting up commercial security cameras and business security camera systems is very important. Higher security can lower your business insurance costs and prevent people from making fraudulent claims, including filing slips and fall scams against you.

Security Cameras Calgary and Security Cameras Edmonton

Buying security cameras Calgary and security cameras Edmonton - Top things you need to know

Types of Security Camera Systems to buy in Calgary and Edmonton - Essential features

It is good to take a look at some aspects of the features that people look for in a security camera system, home security camera system, and surveillance system, other than the pricing that tops the list:

- Security cameras’ video quality: The camera's resolution, angle of view, intelligent features, and night vision quality. Clear, but not blurry vision.

- Security camera video local storage: Video recordings store the recordings of actions around the house on local HDD storage so people want a surveillance system with a higher volume.

- Motion detection: To detect anything that moves within your property.

An important concern people have is affordability and ease of use. The easier it is to install and use the security camera system, the more popular it is for people to buy. One of such options is the DIY security camera system which is effortless to install, set up, and use. You do not need an education or be tech-savvy to install, and even your children can set them up. It means that you can avoid pricey installation fees. These security camera systems are expandable as well. It can be said that some of the DIY security camera systems can be described as easy as "plug-and-play". It's a new way to look at home security camera systems, and the advantages that top the list for DIY systems are:

1. No monthly fees and subscription cost

2. Anti-hack security systems

3. Weatherproof and Durability


No monthly fees and subscription costs:

There are different types of surveillance camera systems and security cameras in Calgary and Edmonton you can choose from. Security camera systems with local storage are an excellent solution to reduce your cost and save more besides having a high-quality surveillance system. Some security camera systems will charge you a tremendous amount for monitoring service, installation fees, cloud storage, or subscription costs which are entirely useless and inefficient.

The best way to get rid of extra costs and monthly fees is to purchase a trusted security camera system with high resolution, local storage, DIY easy installation, and a free app for remote access and remote viewing. The higher your desired resolution and smart features, the more effective your security camera system might be and the greater your assurance of peace.

Anti-hack security camera systems:

Another great way to save money on security cameras in Calgary and Edmonton is choosing anti-hack systems over unknown cheap ones. Hackers are criminals who break into systems to steal, change or delete your information. The way thieves cause damage, and hackers usually find their way into devices for harmful purposes. Many people worry about their security systems being hacked, but there are ways to protect yourself. Look for security systems from professional security camera suppliers to prevent outside parties from accessing or tampering with your data.

Although there isn't any complete anti-hack system at all, it is possible to minimize the possibility of occurring this issue by choosing a Canadian security camera company as your supplier. If you're looking for a security camera system safer than other security cameras in Calgary and Edmonton, you are recommended to buy your security camera system from a trusted Canadian security camera supplier.

Weatherproof and durability:

Winter weather in Calgary and Edmonton can seem like a never-ending battle making it challenging to keep some of your essential gadgets safe from the weather. You will need to invest in DIY security camera systems that are weatherproof and durable.

These security cameras and surveillance systems come with an IP67 weatherproof rating and are enclosed in a fully waterproof housing that protects against water, dust, snow, and ice. These weatherproof options are ideal for outdoor use and are more reliable than non-weatherproof models. If you're planning on installing your outdoor security cameras in Calgary and Edmonton, make sure it has weatherproof housing to withstand rain, sleet, snow, wind, hail, and other harsh conditions.

In addition, adding a junction box and bracket to conceal cables and cable connectors and using a waterproof lid to cover the cable connector are perfect measures to install security cameras in Calgary and Edmonton. (Some top security camera brands also offer these types of accessories in their security camera packages) 

Look at top security cameras in Calgary and Edmonton and where to get them

When buying security cameras, it is a good idea to look at different options and brands. Do your research before making a purchase? There are many options out there that won't be compatible with your home or business security system. Some of these may have lower quality images than others—so it might take time for you to find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Go for the best and most trusted security camera system seller in Canada when you understand the type of security camera systems you want and the must-have features. Secomart is one of the best Canadian suppliers of security cameras in Calgary and Edmonton. Secomart provides top security camera systems in Calgary and Edmonton. Their security systems include 4K security camera systems, DIY security camera systems, Outdoor security camera systems, home security camera systems, and business security camera systems with local storage and without any monthly fees and subscription costs.

Top security cameras in Calgary and Edmonton

Finding out the security cameras in Calgary and Edmonton that are perfect for your home, business and your wallet is not an easy task, with hundreds of models and brands to choose from.
Therefore, we've rounded up some of the best security camera systems and CCTV surveillance cameras available in Calgary and Edmonton with different features and attributes for your reference.

* Tips for choosing the best home security camera system. (Read more) 

# Elder 4K Security Camera System - 4K Ultra HD NVR with 4pcs PoE Security Cameras, All-in-One Surveillance Camera System for Home and Business.

Supposed that you prefer security cameras in Calgary and Edmonton that work with stable power supply and through a more reliable network connection, IP PoE camera systems like Elder EL-KT52B2D4NP-I may fit your needs.
This outdoor & indoor IP security camera system is featured with easy PoE plug-&-play configuration, which allows you to install them up (DIY) on your own. Visit Elder Amazon store an shop now this security camera system on Amazon.
4K security camera system outdoor with 4K NVR and 4pcs PoE IP cameras. Elder 4K security camera systems are one of the best the best security cameras in Calgary and top security cameras in Edmonton.

# All-in-One Security Camera System - 5MP Super HD NVR with 4pcs 5MP Security Cameras Analog, CCTV Surveillance Camera System for Home and Business.

If you have plan to set up a high-quality CCTV camera system to cover the areas around your home or business, and record 24/7 continuously on a local storage, apply a security camera system in Calgary like Elder EL-KT52B2D4X-H, a DIY all-in-one CCTV surveillance camera system. Visit Elder store on Bestbuy and explore top security camera systems.5MP security camera system outdoor with 5MP Super HD DVR and 4pcs CCTV cameras analog. Elder security camera systems are one of the best the best security cameras in Calgary and top security cameras in Edmonton.


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