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Nowadays, security is the utmost concern that people think should be solved before getting engaged and managing other things. Even if you are a homeowner, doing a business, or a professional designer, your first priority would be to get perfect security. This is due to the uprising theft, which left people worrying about their expensive and valuable assets. Studies represent that home security systems can reduce the chance of the place being burglarized by up to 87% and make entire neighborhoods safer, Rutgers University stats point out. Therefore, to ensure that your possessions don't get affected, having a perfect security camera system will elevate your safety, and you can leave your fancy properties as it is without worrying about them getting lost. Police largely viewed the security cameras as a useful tool for preventing crimes, Urban Institute studies say.

You must be wondering now what the best security companies in Vancouver you should look up to choosing an innovative security camera system for your house or business. Don't worry. We are here to help you out. We will advise you of the best Vancouver security camera providers. So, what are we waiting for then? Let's dig in!


#1. Importance of Home Security Vancouver

If you are thinking about why home security camera systems are important and do you need a security camera system or not? Don't worry. You are at the right place to sort that out.

According to a survey from the University of North Carolina, the majority (60%) of convicted burglars say that they avoided houses that had visible security camera systems & alarms. Home security is crucial as we all know that a surveillance system helps protect our properties and any valuable belongings that you don't want to lose at any cost. A high-quality home security camera system will save your home from any burglary, home intrusion, and any other disasters that could lead to damaging your belongings. So if you are a resident of Vancouver or belong to other cities or countries, security camera systems are still valuable things to invest in for you. Home security systems would seem like an investment you might not use, but the security camera system would be the only saving savior for you in case of an emergency. So, home security should be considered a crucial thing.  

A home security system by its name shows that there would be a number of benefits to it, but do you think that home security camera system will give you that kind of confidence you need where you can easily relax on your vacation without worrying about your home? Let's find out!

  • The first advantage is that the home security system will secure your family and your property. Surveys represent that four burglaries occur in a minute, which is a high-risk ratio, so we need to pay particular attention to our home security.

  • Some of the professional home security systems could notify you in case of any suspicious and unauthorized entry to your property. Not only do these surveillance systems record footage in case of a robbery attempt, but they also send early warning notifications for any unauthorized access to the areas defined for the CCTV system.

  • With a home security camera system, you can also monitor your children. It will help you monitor and make sure that they are safe and everything is going well.

  • Then you can remotely control and monitor your indoor and outdoor area with the home security system. This means you can enjoy your holiday with ease and get the peace of mind you deserve, from a busy week to a fantastic holiday without worrying about your sweet home.

  • If you have old parents at your home and want to keep an eye on them because of any medical condition. A home security camera system will help you in that as well. You can monitor them to ensure that your elders are in perfect condition.   

So you see, these are some of the benefits which will give you the motivation that a home security system is a must and should be present in every household. 

- Elder all-in-one security camera system, EL-KT52B2D4NP-I, is one of the best home security systems Vancouver. It is a 5MP Super HD surveillance kit including 4 cameras, 4K Ultra HD NVR, 1TB WD HDD, cables, and accessories. It is a PoE security system and easy to install (DIY).

Best home security systems Vancouver. Elder security camera system 4-Camera 5MP surveillance system EL-KT52B2D4NP-I

#2. The Best Home Security Systems Vancouver

Living in Vancouver and looking for a reliable security camera system to keep your home and possessions safer, you should pay particular attention to the technical features required according to the Vancouver climate. Now that we have convinced you to install a home security camera system, are you thinking about the features that should be included while using a home security system? Due to the new and cutting-edge technologies in the security camera industry, there are a lot of new intelligent features like you can define a protected area, set authorized car license plates, get notifications for different situations, and much more.

Typically, a home security camera system includes several parts, such as security cameras, NVR or DVR, HDD storage, cables, and accessories.

NVR or DVR, which is the recorder for the home surveillance system. The NVRs and DVRs provided by Secomart are equipped with innovative features, including H.265 compression, smart area playback, motion detection, and Onvif support, making a high level of security. Because of Vancouver's rainy weather, the security cameras used for your surveillance system must come with weatherproof and IP67 case making them a perfect solution for Vancouver's heavy rain. Strongly weatherproof as security cameras would be, unfortunately, some brands aren't as weatherproof as suitable for the Vancouver situation.

Furthermore, security cameras used in Vancouver weather should feature original image sensors and smart night vision to capture videos with high clarity during the day and nighttime. Because of long nights and heavy rain Vancouver has, the playbacks would be blurry and noisy should the security cameras don't come with original chipsets and high-quality night vision.

Therefore, to deal with these issues and improve your home security systems Vancouver, take your time to find a trusted and well-known supplier offering the best Vancouver security camera systems. Secomart is one of the authorized market leaders in the security industry. Secomart's experts are always ready to consult you, choosing efficient surveillance cameras that are matched to your needs.


#3. Right Vancouver Security System Supplier for You

So if you are wondering, which security camera system provider is the best for you, there are some things that should be in mind while looking out between home security companies in Vancouver to find the best security systems Vancouver BC?

Firstly, It would be wise to choose a local Vancouver security system supplier, which means purchasing from a security camera provider located in Vancouver. Buying a surveillance security system is different from purchasing a funny T-shirt! You need essential after-purchase customer support. Should your security camera supplier be a Vancouver security company, you can get immediate customer service after facing a problem with your surveillance system. When we are talking about security systems, time is one of the significant parameters that must be considered.

Secondly, take some more time to search and find a trusted security system supplier. Remember, buying a security camera system is different from purchasing a sweat T-shirt! So don't be deceived by cute misleading advertisings. A number of colorful posts or deceptive advertising videos don't work for you regarding security camera service. You need a professional CCTV system made from original chipsets and high-quality materials and skilled technical experts. It would only be provided by a trusted company, putting customers first rather than only focusing on commercial purposes. 

So if you are thinking of installing a home CCTV camera system for your house or your business, then Secomart will work best for you. They have a range of ultra impressed security products to boost the safety of your belongings. They offer a wide variety of home surveillance kits, add-on security cameras, Analog and IP security cameras, 4K Ultra HD security cameras, wired security camera packages, PTZ CCTV cameras, and intelligent NVRs and DVRs. The security system offered by Secomart is of professional features at an affordable price. One of the highlighting features of Secomart packages is that they are easy to install, and you won't even need an installer, and you can do it yourself (DIY). Then they provide warranty service, so if you find any issues, they provide you with valuable customer support. Still, due to the high-quality material used to make their products, the customers' feedback indicates that it is rare to find a technical issue in Secomart's security products.

Secomart provides fabulous deals for their customers and offers same-day delivery in Vancouver. Most of the time, when you install a home security system, you need to pay monthly fees that increase the cost of your security system a lot. But unlike many companies that easily could be found on the internet searchings, with Secomart, you don't have to be worried about monthly fees or any extra charges as there are no mandatory additional costs after paying your CCTV system price. So a lifetime investment is what they aim to provide with the provision for state-of-the-art quality.

Best security companies in Vancouver. Secomart provides free shipping, best price, same-day delivery, no monthly fee, free consulting, and proudly Canadian.

#4. Tips for Finding the Best Security Systems Vancouver BC

So, before installing any type of home security system, your first and foremost concern should be the purpose or what kind of security systems you are looking for? Do you want to look out for burglars and robbers? or do you want to watch your children or to monitor your elderly parents? or any other matters that are of importance for you. So, after you sort this thing out, you can then choose which type of security system will work out the best for you. Here are some valuable tips that will help you find the top Vancouver security camera system.

  • Home security camera systems: They should include dome and bullet cameras. Bullet security cameras are usually used for outdoor areas, including gardens and yards, while dome security cameras are perfect for indoor areas such as rooms, garages, basements, storages, etc. Dome cameras are suggested to be featured with microphones because technically, audio is more effective in indoor places. You can use these security camera systems for homes, townhouses, hotels, shops, stores, and much more. A 1TB or 2TB hard disk drive would be enough storage for a home surveillance system.

  • Business security camera systems: These security systems are generally used for commercial places including, stores, showrooms, shops, offices, banks, small warehouses, gyms, supermarkets, and more. They should include dome security cameras because these areas are primarily indoor areas and dome cameras have better function for indoor usage. You are supposed to choose 2TB or more storage for business security camera systems.

  • Industrial security camera systems: Bullet cameras are a good choice for industrial areas like storage, factories, warehouses, workshops, and more. Bullet cameras are more effective and flexible for such sites because 2TB or more storage would be enough for these places.

  • Farm security camera systems: It would be better to choose a surveillance system that includes both dome and bullet security cameras for these places. Dome security cameras should be used indoors and bullet cameras for outdoor purposes. For storage, 2TB or more would be suitable.

- Elder IP PoE security camera, EL-IP5811F-4K, is one of the best Vancouver security cameras. It is a PoE 4K Ultra HD IP surveillance camera featuring smart night vision, intelligent analytics and onvif protocal.

    Best Vancouver security camera. Elder 4K IP security camera EL-IP5811F-4K

    We learned how security camera systems have become necessary nowadays and should be used in houses, businesses, and events. When these security systems are installed in such places, they would have various benefits to help deter crime on your property. When burglars know that your home or business is equipped with security camera systems, they won’t even try to intrude in your home. Many studies have proved that security camera systems and CCTV surveillance cameras would make a safer zone in areas equipped with security systems. So it means less vandalism and theft. Then with security camera systems, you can control who will enter your house and who won’t. If you don’t want someone to give access to your homes, you can simply unauthorize their entry, and they won’t be able to enter. Besides, with security camera systems, you can monitor the entrances and exits even if you are at a business meeting or on a family trip because you will be able to monitor the corridors and will be able to see who is entering your house. So, lots of benefits are there for the installation of security camera systems.

    Now, to conclude this whole article of the best security companies in Vancouver, Secomart is the one that you could choose as your trusted supplier. They have a variety of advanced CCTV surveillance solutions which you can use to secure your possessions. They provide the best Vancouver security systems, and you could also take advantage of their local customer support in Vancouver and their professional expert team. Moreover, they have same-day delivery and free particular expert service in Vancouver. They provide the best quality security products, and you won’t get disappointed by using their security camera systems.

    We hope you will find the best security system you desire for securing your belongings. Good luck! 


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