Security Camera Junction Box & Bracket, Indoor & Outdoor, Ultimate-I Series


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Security camera junction box-bracket provides a weatherproof outdoor / indoor metal housing for the security camera connectors, cables, and accessories required by security cameras and surveillance systems. Elder security camera junction box-bracket houses and protects your security camera connectors and cables from vandalism and conveniently allows the user to conceal and collect them to deter the tamper. 

Security camera junction box-bracket makes the installation clean, easy, and more secure by housing the accessories and providing simpler access to cables and connections without unmounting your security camera.

This Elder security camera junction box-bracket is designed for Elder Ultimate-I series but they also could be installed with a diverse range of security cameras from different brands and models, including dome, turret, or bullet cameras. Read the details for the exact screw hole pattern and dimensions.

Product Dimension Junction Box: 0.38 x 0.15 ft (117.9 x 46.5 mm)

Product Dimension Bracket: 0.62 x 0.62 x 0.45 ft (188.5 x 121 x 138.6 mm)

Benefits of Using a Security Camera Junction Box-Bracket

- Protected and Clean Cabling and Installation

You can securely lay and collect the cables through the wall without exposing them to the outside by making a hole into the wall or ceiling behind the junction box-bracket (bottom inlet). It helps you to have a more elegant, clean, and professional-looking installation.

- Indoor and Outdoor

This security camera junction box-bracket is weatherproof and could be mounted either indoor or outdoor. It has a metal case making high durability.

- Use Security Camera Junction Box-Bracket with Conduits

You can use the junction box-bracket with standard conduit pipes to hide and cover the cables and connectors and to protect them along the wall or ceiling.

What's Included:

Junction box, Bracket, Quick user guide, Screws, Rubber gasket, Rubber plug, Protective cable, Sealing ring, Mounting hole templates

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