Turn the old security system you have into the new one you want.

It‘s easy to trade in your eligible security system from any brand for a new professional system, or credit toward your next purchase, or get a promotional discount up to 90% off, which you can use anytime.

You can trade in your old security system, including security camera, surveillance camera system, alarm system, smart home kit, home security camera, business security system, or any other type of security product, from any brand, for the newest and most professional system you want!


How to trade in your old security system?

1- Fill out the trade-in form below.
2- Get your system valued, and we'll contact you.
3- Get your credit, offer, and shop for a new system.
For your convenience, we won't ask you to ship your old system to us in some trade-in cases. However, we’ll email you a return label if we need the old system.
*Note: You do not need to ship your existing system until we contact you.
Please fill out the form below and submit it along with photos of your old system showing (1) the included items and details and (2) the model and serial number labels.
Our agents will generally respond within 12-24 hours after submission.

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