4K Wireless Security Camera System, WiFi Surveillance Cameras Outdoor DIY, Listen-in Audio, 4-Camera Bullet


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Elder 4K wireless security camera system is a smart WiFi security camera system outdoor for home & business. It includes WiFi NVR with HDD, 4pcs 4K WiFi cameras bullet, a junction box, power adapters & accessories. Wireless surveillance camera systems from Elder are DIY plug-&-play and feature intelligent detection, smart night vision, audio & H.265+, & free app for remote viewing.

Elder 4K wireless security camera system and WiFi surveillance camera system outdoor. It's 4x the resolution of 1080p.Elder smart wireless security camera system with AI intelligent features, motion detection, and smart area playback. Elder DIY wireless security camera system WiFi easy installation plug-&-play. Elder wireless security camera system features smart night vision. Full-color in low-light and clear black and white in darkness. Elder 4K wireless security camera systems feature listen-in audio cameras, H.265 (HEVC) compression, and genuine original chipsets and sensors. Elder WiFi security cameras are weatherproof IP67 and can be installed outdoor and indoor.Elder wireless security camera systems provide a free app for remote viewing via smart devices and smartphones. The mobile app is professional, user-friendly, and easy to setup.Elder wireless security camera systems are one of the best surveillance systems for home and business. Protect your properties with home security camera systems and business security camera systems from Elder.


What's Included: 

Elder 4K wireless security camera system includes WiFi 4K NVR, 4pcs WiFi cameras, surveillance grade HDD pre-installed, a junction box, cables, and accessories.

 More Information: 

【4K Ultra HD - 8MP Resolution】 4K means there are over 8 million pixels which are more than 4X the number of pixels of Full HD 1080P. It results in vivid resolution, sharper video, and realistic color representation and makes the faces, license plates, details, and close-ups much clearly during the day and night time even when you digitally zoom into far away objects.

【 DIY Easy Plug-&-Play, Auto-Pair Wireless Installation】  Elder wireless security camera system is a real plug-&-play surveillance system that doesn't need cables to connect the cameras to the NVR. Simply mount the cameras, power them with the included power adapters, and power on the whole system. Then all the cameras will automatically pair with the NVR via stable WiFi connectivity for video and audio. A stable wireless connection makes it simple to set up and install your wireless security camera system without messy cabling, especially for beginners and fans of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) security systems. WiFi range normally offers up to 1000ft (300m) in open areas and no obstacles, which regularly reduces when needed to penetrate stories, walls, floors, or other barriers. Wireless means the cables are not required to connect cameras to the NVR, but power adapters are still needed.

【Intelligent Detection & Smart Playback】 Thanks to this innovative feature, you will get an immediate push notification to your smartphone via its smart app whenever a movement, a person, or a vehicle is detected on your home & property. So, you can act immediately to prevent unwanted activity. You also can customize the detection zone from your WiFi NVR to effectively reduce the number of unwanted false alarms. With smart area playback technology, you can select a specific area of the image to automatically search for movement within recordings.

【Built-in Mic & Listen-in Audio】 The Elder cameras come equipped with built-in microphones that allow for crystal-clear audio. An audio recording would enhance the security coverage and add a significant new feature to your security system, as you will have recorded videos with clear audio and voice. Audio and video are through the WiFi connection with NVR.

【Smart Night Vision, Hunter-Tech】 Being Equipped with the state-of-the-art Hunter-Tech dark-light night vision technology, Elder wireless security camera system allows you to get full-color images even in low-light conditions and clear black & white video footage during the darkness. Hunter-Tech smart night vision technology brings you a higher level of security and enhances image qualities in the nighttime.

【H.265 / HEVC Video Compression】 This advanced encoding technology compresses video file sizes without sacrificing any quality which improves bandwidth efficiency, saves hard drive storage space and reduces storage costs. This new type of encoding can save up to 50% more space when compared to conventional H.264, so the hard drive could record for a much longer time with H.265 recording technology.

【HDD Storage All-Day 24/7 Recording】 With a pre-installed security-grade hard drive, users are provided continuous 24/7 local recording and all-around protection for home & business without any additional costs or subscription fees. Elder WiFi NVR has the possibility of increasing local storage space up to 8TB. You can also backup and transfer the desired playbacks from stored videos to a USB memory or external hard drive. Elder WiFi NVR automatically overwrites the oldest internally stored footage.

【Weatherproof Heavy-Duty Housing IP67】 This system’s cameras are suitable for anywhere, outdoor or indoor installation. The weatherproof rating and heavy-duty exterior add extra protection against vandalism and harsh weather, providing you truly year-round protection. Elder weatherproof cameras can withstand pretty much anything, such as snowfalls, rain, dust, heat, and wind, all year round.

【Remote Access & Free Smart App】Using this system’s free app, you can remotely view your security cameras, receive motion-activated push notifications, and check playbacks from your smartphone at all times, no matter where you are. You only need to connect the NVR to the internet via Ethernet cable, install the free app, and set it up. Stay connected to your home and business anytime and anywhere. To locally view, connect the NVR to your monitor through an HDMI or VGA cable

【No Monthly Fees】 Elder wireless security camera system features a pre-installed local storage HDD and a free professional app for remote viewing, so it works entirely without any contracts and monthly fees. You don’t need to pay any subscription or monthly fees for cloud, video storage, and smartphone app, making it the top surveillance system for your home and business.

【Genuine Chipsets and Sensors】 Elder wireless security camera systems are made of hi-tech genuine chipsets and sensors. Elder WiFi security systems come with the latest new technologies and top up-to-date advanced features and trending smart solutions.

【With or Without the Internet】 Elder wireless security camera system doesn't need the internet to operate except when you wish to use a smart device to access features such as notification or remote monitoring. Without existing internet, you can simply use local outputs to monitor, and local storage to check playbacks.

Note: Elder WiFi recorders and WiFi cameras work only with compatible Elder WiFi products.

Elder 4K wireless security camera systems are frequently bought with junction boxes. Security camera junction boxes protect the camera connectors and cables from vandalism and deter the tamper. Junction boxes make the installation more elegant, clean, and professional.


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